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    The Final Playlist of 2016

    Do you remember that really odd period in Jennifer Lopez’s career when she was no longer J. Lo nor the Jennifer Lopez of today? Remember when she was almost considered a has-been? You know what I’m talking about. When her now-iconic movie, Gigli, was released in 2003, Jennifer saw her career swirling in the toilet for damn near eight years. All of that changed when she signed on to be an American Idol judge and released the epic smash hit single “On The Floor (ft. Pitbull).” Now she’s Jennifer Lopez again!

    Playlists were the Jennifer Lopez of music. Mixed CDs were cool and then it wasn’t cool. Spotify made people fall in love with the mixed CD idea again with their playlists and, would you look at that, they’re the still the hottest piece of ass around. I, for one, love making playlists. That’s what this post is about! My final playlist of 2016 which also concludes the pretty generically titled series, Sounds of 2016.

    To help me bring this year to a close, I’ve dragged in new tracks from Pop god Robbie Williams, rising star Maggie Rogers, some remixes (I see you, Rihanna and Miike Snow!) and some shockingly good songs by celebrities that rose to fame on the coattails of other more famous celebrities (that’s you, Noah Cyrus and Suki Waterhouse!). Take a listen to some of the best music ever (subjective, I know) and follow if you so choose as fresh tracks are typically added each week.


    Sounds of Music – Part 1

    Sounds of Music – Part 2

    Sounds of Music – Part 3

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