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Oh, hello! Welcome to Thursday’s Journal. My name is Calvin, the founder and editor. I feel like you want to say hello so shoot me an email!


Launched in 2008 as a personal blog, Thursday’s Journal has evolved into a land of mischief and entertainment. Okay, maybe “mischief” is a bit strong but we all know how much we enjoy going off the beaten path from time to time. That’s precisely what Thursday’s Journal is as well: a platform for creators to feel comfortable sharing their ideas that, at times, might seem a bit left of center.

We all know that content is king but original content is even better. Thursday’s Journal aims to entertain its readers by producing articles centered around fashion, music, lifestyle and even short stories.

Having been labeled as one of the “best and slickest new blogs” by DANSK Magazine and contributing to Details Magazine’s Style Syndicate, Thursday’s Journal is finding its voice and welcomes you on the journey.


From an early age, Calvin would escape his life in the Midwest and go on tons of adventures, both scary and hilarious, by devouring just about any book he could get his hands on. His love of reading morphed into the desire to write but he also wanted to see his characters so he began to sketch! This led him to falling in love with comic books and while browsing through the racks in a local grocery store, his eyes landed on a misplaced fashion magazine which literally blew his mind.

“Who is this Gisele lady?” he said to himself. That night, he did an internet search which took him down a rabbit hole he hasn’t exited yet.

After graduating from university with a degree in communications, marketing and public relations, Calvin relocated from the Midwest to New York City where he immediately found work in the fashion industry at one of the industry’s premiere photography studios. For years, he was surrounded by the top photographers, models, stylists, set designers and creative agencies the industry had to offer.

While at the studio, Calvin relaunched the brand’s social media presence and soon began attending events, photographing New York Fashion Week shows and executing original projects. From there, he then transitioned to the world of television where he continued to work his magic on TV’s favorite fashion reality program, Project Runway. In just a year, he was able to increase the program’s Instagram following by 600% as well as developing social strategies for additional programming. After a successful run, he was brought onto the Details Magazine team as its Social Media Manager where he began to define a social identity which resulted in increased traffic to the brand’s website.

Throughout it all, Calvin continued to publish for Thursday’s Journal and serve as a creative consultant. But that’s not all! He’s also dabbling more into photography and is working on his first novel geared towards the YA market.

What can we say? He likes to stay busy and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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