Oh, hello! Bonjour! Hola! Whatever your native tongue is, let me welcome you to Thursday’s Journal, a content hub I founded in October 2015.

Thursday’s Journal is a destination for those looking to be entertained, inspired and empowered. We publish content centered around those who deserve a continued and dedicated spotlight. From posts about personal realizations to music reviews, Thursday’s Journal provides stories full of thought and consideration.

You’d be surprised at how much content these days is void of both.

A little bit about me? My name is Calvin Walker. Originally hailing from Ohio, I’ve lived in New York City for over seven years and have begun to build a career in the fashion and entertainment industry. With stints at Conde Nast (rest in peace, Details Magazine), television (what’s up, Project Runway) and music, I’ve been able to sharpen my skills as a digital marketer. Even with years of success, I feel like I’ve only just begun and cannot wait to reach higher levels.

Something tells me you want to say hello so feel free to send me an email!

Talk soon.

– Calvin

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