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Adam Lambert Is Still Releasing Music Somehow

adam lambert ghost town

Give me a brilliant Pop song made by some ridiculous youngster and I will be the happiest goat in the stable. Think: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You or Hilary Duff – Sparks. I could spend the rest of my morning listing many more examples (Girls Aloud have over 60 examples all on their own) but none of them would include Adam Lambert. For years, the 6’1” California-raised entertainer has released painfully mediocre music. Music that makes you go “What Disney movie is this from?” That’s bad.

Now, by all intensive purposes, I will point out that Adam Lambert has molded himself to be an actual popstar! Just not a successful one. I feel sorry for him because it’s tough being a proper male popstar in this industry today and that’s not his fault. When paired with the right producers, Lambert proves he’s got a great Top 40 voice so I say it is his fault that he continues to create such corny music.

Olly Murs is almost a proper popstar and he’s making it work. Lambert should take a note from him and get Demi Lovato in the studio for a duet. I don’t care if he has to finagle it out of her. He just needs to get it done because what he’s doing on his own is #EwwSoGross. Didn’t we all have semi high hopes when he was on Season 193 of American Idol? No? Yeah, his wailing bothered me pretty early on, too.

What isn’t completely bothering me is his latest single, “Ghost Town.” The track, which was just released today, is taken from his third album, The Original High, released June 12, 2015.

Doesn’t it sound like something that might have been on Madonna’s latest compilation of subpar songs she considers worthy of releasing under the guise of being a “body of work”? Regardless, I think this could potentially be a step in the right direction for Lambert. Hopefully he has taken notes over the last five or six years on what has not worked and makes the much needed alterations. Hopefully.


After The Original High was released, I gave it a try and immediately tossed it aside. Then, I fell in love with Tove Lo again for various reasons and gave their duet, “Rumors,” another spin. By the end of the song, I was sitting there thinking “Holy. Shit. This is a great song.” But it didn’t stop with “Rumors”! “There I Said It,” “Underground,” and “After Hours” are just the damned bees knees.

The bees knees.

Long story short: it’s time that we actually make Adam Lambert happen. He has found his way.

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