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Who’s ready for another build your playlist? Me, me, me! I know. It’s been a very long time since I last posted in my music series and it has been eating me up inside. However, I think things are about to turn around because I have become slightly obsessed with using Spotify (Jesus Christ I love their Premium functionality) and it’s so much easier to find new music and drop it in a playlist that I organically build overtime. That is precisely what happened with this month’s playlist! It started with an affair with Blur which turned into an orgy with Big Data and Lady Gaga came a-knocking, too.

What type of playlist is this? The blog post title spells it out. This playlist has songs to strut to. Forget about what people might be thinking as you breeze by them! You blast these songs (at medium volume because we want to preserve the quality of our hearing, don’t we?) as you stomp down the street on your way to work. Models don’t have to match the beat when on the runway but you can because it’s your prerogative. Get caught by the red light right before crossing? No biggie! Strike a mean pose, give a bit of a glance over your shoulder for good measure and strut right into that street…after making sure no traffic is coming. You live in New York City, after all! What is life without a little strutting and what is a strut without a badass playlist to accompany it?

That is precisely why I chose Cara Delevingne, fashion’s first legitimate “cool” It girl in ages, to be the face of this playlist. She doesn’t necessarily have the best runway walk (that will most likely always belong to Gisele, Naomi and Karlie) but she has a confidence which transforms her walk into a strut. That being said, let the record spin and get to strutting, bitch!
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