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What Is Kelly Clarkson’s Best Single Ever?

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IT SURE AS HELL AIN’T “HEARTBEAT SONG” Carrie Underwood might be the richest American Idol alum but Kelly Clarkson is still the motherfucking best. This Southern powerhouse vocalist released her seventh studio album, Piece By Piece,  last week and it is easily one of her best to date. Like many pop stars, she lost her way (I’m looking at you, My…

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Should Use THIS Music

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This Playlist Is Way Better Than Yours For years, I have been oddly fascinated with the Victoria’s Secret brand. No, I have never wanted to strut down a catwalk in lingerie although I did put on a fashion show my junior year of college with a runway covered in enough glitter to vajazzle a small nation.  It’s just that Victoria’s…

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Music Duo Snow Hill Talks CBS’s “Stalker”

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SNOW HILL’S MUSIC IS READY TO HAUNT YOU Stalker, a new police drama focused on victims being stalked and the detectives of the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit who always solve the case, sent chills down the backs of over 7 million TV viewers last week. Whomever heads up programming at CBS deserves just about every penny they’re…

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