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Music Duo Snow Hill Talks CBS’s “Stalker”

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SNOW HILL’S MUSIC IS READY TO HAUNT YOU Stalker, a new police drama focused on victims being stalked and the detectives of the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit who always solve the case, sent chills down the backs of over 7 million TV viewers last week. Whomever heads up programming at CBS deserves just about every penny they’re…

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INTERVIEW | Robby Hunter Band

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The one thing you cannot take away from Miami is its overall sex appeal. With their nightclubs overflowing with patrons that drip with lust to a list of homegrown hotties (I’m looking at you, Eva Mendes), Miami is undoubtedly a hot spot. Even still, its music offerings have been dynamically weak despite a slew of bonafide rockstars…

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Win Some Cool Swag in the That Fashion Dude x Old Spice Giveaway!

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What’s better than a perfectly concocted gimlet, a Swedish massage and Britney Spears circa the In The Zone album? Nothing, but as far as giveaways go, I’ve got a pretty damn good alternative. Last month, I did an Old Spice product review and now I’m doing an Old Spice sponsored giveaway and the swag is actually pretty…

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