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Banana Republic x Thursday’s Journal – Fall 2016

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Okay, everybody. Brace yourselves for what I’m about to say: summer is over. I know! Cue the dramatic meltdowns of a million beach bunnies and dig out that consoling cookie dough ice cream. Actually…I’ll take cookie dough ice cream over a day getting sand grains stuck in my forbidden places any day. Now, Fall doesn’t officially start…

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Walk This Way

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FANCY TO A DEGREE. CLUMSY ON HIS FEET. Global warming is #TooLegit which has made this spring quite unpredictable. No longer can we say things like “It’s April 15 which means I should be good with a tee layered underneath a woven shirt and nothing more!” These days, you might need a parka and earmuffs.…

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4 Must-Have Shoes EVERY Man Needs to Own

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Shoes, shoes, shoes! Without them, we wouldn’t be allowed to enter into various public establishments. Without the “right ones,” we could be seen as stylistically challenged and unworthy. I know that feeling all too well. Once upon a time, I worked briefly at a men’s fashion magazine and while in a meeting with the Editor in Chief, he sized…

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CHUCK TAYLOR TO THE RESCUE Mother Nature has been one tricky bitch this winter, hasn’t she? She takes forever in bringing the cold then loses all chill by slapping us with a blizzard only to bring the temperature back up into the low-50s just weeks later. If this isn’t a sign that she’s the queen…

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