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Flash Fiction | Some People Live in the Downpour

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This month’s Build Your Playlist came about after Gabriella Cilmi released her latest single, “Sweeter In History,” and soon I was stumbling across melancholy songs. Once I pulled two or three tunes together, I knew I wanted to execute a flash fiction writing exercise that involved two people going through some type of emotional turmoil. I…

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Build Your Playlist | The Turmoil Edition

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This Build Your Playlist takes a look at those all too familiar moments when a person tries to figure out if something or someone is worth fighting for anymore. Maybe it’s a relationship between two lovers or friends. It could even been a work relationship gone sour and one suddenly finds themselves walking around Columbus Circle on a…

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Fictitious Fashion | No One Is Who They Think They Are

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male models

I promise this looks more comfortable than what it is. No, really! I assure you. It’s a bit ostentatious and I look completely ridiculous but I stand out, don’t I? It’s fashion, after all! I didn’t even want it but I was out killing time between castings and I bumped into Daphne (Groeneveld, not Guinness) and she was…

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