DANSK Visits “Uncharted Territory” with Baptiste to Cavalli

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Thomas Penfound ditches his straw blonde hair for a more exciting flame red as he graces the cover for the newly released 25th issue of DANSK magazine. With exciting content that keeps me intrigued and laughing, I can now say the magazine has completely blown me away with this cover for the issue dubbed “Towards Uncharted Territory.”
Despite this particular territory being trampled in the media already, Giles Deacon was asked about what he thought of Lindsay Lohan‘s stint at Ungaro
“I don’t think I could ever compete with Lindsay’s work!” Does he get annoyed when people ask him about it? “I think it’s as funny as everyone else!” he says, laughing heartily. “I didn’t hire

her.” “Giles,” I say, “we didn’t see you carry over her inspired idea about the pasties?” – “We’ve had a hunt around the Ungaro building for those pasties but we just can’t find any,” he says, pokerfaced, then adopts the voice of a concerned parent: “I’m sure Lindsay’s an alright girl. We can’t imagine what it must be like to live her life and grow up in that kind of environment.” He insists the VW Beetles covered in daisies at the Ungaro show weren’t there to poke fun of Miss Herbie: “It wasn’t considered that way but nonetheless a hilarious coincidence.”

Model.com’s #1 set of balls, Baptiste Giabiconi, also pops up in an interview where he talks about everything from what it’s like being Karl Lagerfeld‘s muse to marrying already married popstar Katy Perry. Baptiste, who fails at coming across as humble and normal, is quoted as saying “See, I don’t really feel that way at all. You have to make yourself deserving of things. I don’t feel like I can have anything or anyone I want.”
He obviously hasn’t seen himself in the mirror! Yeah, this spread is a bit dirty and apparently it’s the first time B has been shot with long hair but he could still get it, get it. Get it, get it. Ha ha ha haaa. Pop quiz: what songstress used those lyrics in her massive, sexy come back single in 2001?
There are more pics after the jump to peak at while you figure out how you’re going to get your hands on a physical copy of DANSK #25.

With interviews with Roberto Cavalli and inspired editorial spreads, DANSK’s Spring/Summer 2011 issue is shaping up to deliver something fierce. Seriously, this magazine is so bad ass and I cannot wait to page through each editorial and story. I’ll post a little review for you guys as soon as I get a copy!

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