Demi Lovato Drops “Cool” Song of “Summer”

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I am a Demi Lovato fan but did not truly realize it until I attended her Demi World Tour last October. Let me explain, though. A former colleague of mine shot me a text one evening asking if I’d like to go to a Demi concert with her because she had an extra ticket. It was at the Barclays Center which I had never been to before so I was immediately interested. Then she told me it was in a private suite and that sealed the deal. Then she told me the concert started at eight o’clock…that evening. I checked the time and saw that I had just over an hour to “get ready” and make it to Barclays in time.

About ten minutes before Demi took the stage, I was settled into the private booth with a drink, my former colleague, another girl I used to work with, her guy friend and a dad with his two young daughters. Halfway through her set, I realized I had been up on my feet singing and dancing to just about every song she was performing. With her show being right before Halloween, Demi did a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” which included twerking. As the show came to an end, we were all a bit tipsy and discussing how it was actually a good show despite none of us really being Demi fans. I mentioned how she was one of those artists that I liked but would probably never pay to see in concert (side bar: I’m not the biggest fan of concerts like that anyway so no shade to Demi) but with today’s release of “Cool for the Summer,” Demi just might have changed my mind.

“Cool for the Summer” has sailed straight to the top of my list for song of the summer and it could very well stay there considering she doesn’t have much competition right now. The only other contenders are Icona Pop’s “Emergency” and The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” Radio stations across the nation will most likely eat up “Cool” which is an infectious exploration of sexuality.


The song’s innocent piano intro quickly bleeds into a more aggressive beat with Demi showcasing a different vocal style that’s much more Pop. Yes, she is and has always been a Pop act but in the past, Demi has tried to prove that she’s a singer with a strong vocal range. On “Cool,” she’s displaying a toned down voice that you will typically find on some of the greatest pop songs of our time. Think of the biggest hits put out by Britney Spears or Madonna. These two have supremely limited vocal ranges but are still considered Pop icons even in spite of their recent musical mistakes.

Speaking of great Pop singers, “Cool for the Summer” is a track so close to what I would expect from the likes of Katy Perry and it makes since considering Max Martin produced both “Cool” and Perry’s massive hit single, “I Kissed A Girl.” Normally when I hear an established artist being heavily influenced by a peer, it’s a huge turn-off. For instance, when Kelly Clarkson recorded a handful of Perry-written tracks, it didn’t fit her at all but Demi has embraced this semi-fresh style like a boss resulting in the production of an explosive lead single for her upcoming fifth album.

“For this album, I’m making music that feels right to me,” Lovato told MTV News. If the rest of it sounds anything like “Cool for the Summer,” she’s going to have one stellar Pop album on her hands.

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