How My Mother Went From Old School to Cool

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When I was a child, Mother was the coolest lady to me. I created these fantastic worlds where she was supernatural and untouchable. At one point in time, she was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Whitney Houston was her sister and she was 32 years old until she turned 40. I looked at her in sheer wonderment. But as I entered into high school, she went from being cool to being annoying. Sorry, Mother, but I’m sure even you went through your phases of parent rebellion. But that’s totally irrelevant now because I’m pretty sure my mother is cool once again.

The first sign that presented itself in Mother’s ascendance into the ether of cool individuals actually happened a few years ago. After graduating from college, I moved back in with my parents and immediately got my bedroom hooked up with DVR. As the job market was atrocious across the country and even more so in my hometown, I spent a good chunk of that summer holed up in my room watching Lifetime and HGTV. It wasn’t until I was watching a Lifetime movie marathon that I realized I was doing something Mother would do over the years.

But didn’t I make fun of her for that?

A few months ago, the sun had not even yawned itself awake before my phone was ringing, jarring me from my slumber. I see it is her and immediately think something is wrong. An uncertain “Hello?” escapes my throat to which she responds with a “Did you hear about the free concert the Black Eyed Peas are doing in Central Park? I know you like them and I heard they were doing one so I thought I would just see if you knew about it.” When I officially woke up for the day, I wondered if I had dreamed the phone conversation but after checking my phone log, I saw that I did speak with her.How did my mother know about a free concert the Black Eyed Peas were doing before me? What source does this woman have that I don’t? She’s not even Google friendly!

I went home in August primarily for her birthday and it just so happened a few other family events were taking place that same time. It was amazing to see my family again as I miss them a ton. I’ve grown my hair out which is totally different for myself and for them as well. It was this trip home that I stumbled upon the troubling fact that Mother was cool.

We were driving somewhere when she turns up the radio, proclaiming her enjoyment for the song currently playing. It’s Cee-Lo Green and I glanced sideways at Mother. She liked Cee-Lo? With these thoughts running through my head, songstress Melanie Fiona begins assaulting the track with her sultry vocals and suddenly I found myself enjoying the song, too.
How had this happened? When did she, the one who can barely navigate through Buckeye Cable, become a source for what is current and relevant? Aren’t us young people supposed to continuously rebel against what our parents say? Apparently not because it’s apparently true what they say: she gets better with age! Maybe it’s because I’m a mama’s boy and I’ve acquiesced to the fact that I’m morphing into the male version of her that I can sit back and smile at the fact that my mom is one cool shut yo mouth!Cheers to you, lady. See you at your 50th! Prepare to get slizzard like they do in that G6 song.

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