Luke Hemsworth Is Ready For the Spotlight

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Move Over Chris and Liam!

Chris Hemsworth is 6’3″ and portrays Thor on the silver screen. Liam Hemsworth is also 6’3″ and still Mr. Escaped From Miley Cyrus. Their older brother, Luke Hemsworth, is 5’11”, best known in Australia and is, again, the older yet not nearly as hot brother to Chris and Liam.

PROOF.chris hemsworth familyLooks aside, it would seem as if Luke is starting to transition from mainly television projects to movies with next month’s direct-to-digital release of Infini, a film described as “an original take on late 70’s / early 80’s classic science fiction.” Luke is dispatched with the rest of a rescue team to try and bring back the lone survivor of a biological outbreak but we all know how that ends!

You see Luke for about a full second in the entire trailer. His first frame is around the 37th second and again at the 1 minute and 15 second mark. No matter, I’m still relatively interested because I live for films like this. Flesh and soul eating mysteries that are never solved? People thinking they can solve everything with a gun? Attractive people posing as smart scientists? YES, PLEASE!

If you’re into this as much as I am, watch Infini from the comfort of your own home come May 8, 2015.

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