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San Francisco, Are You My New Home?

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I get pleasure from eating chips and guacamole. Some people like chips and guac but for me, it is something so much more intense. The audible crunch of each crunchy tortilla is more satisfying than sex. Whenever I get to eat chips and guacamole, I am in my own private heaven.

Over my birthday weekend, I visited San Francisco for the first time. The city gave me something I didn’t know existed: the joys of a metropolitan city without a billion bodies crashing into you every three seconds. That alone was pure heaven. Luckily, the city provided me with so many more reasons to want to come back.

The trip to San Francisco was orchestrated by my best mate, Brandon, and it truly couldn’t have come at a better time. My last proper vacation was last year when I went to London and Paris with my mom. With a new job and the continued stress of trying to turn the ship around in this life of mine, it’s safe to say I was itching to get away.

From the minute I touched down in SF, the weather was fantastically brisk, the skies predominately overcast. Riding the cable car gave me so much to live for that I found myself riding it every day. We made the mistake of trying to eat our In-N-Out near the water in Fisherman’s Wharf. The wind damn near snatched my burger and fries straight from my greedy claws!

While walking down the street, I overheard someone mumble how busy they thought the streets were. Let me tell you something really quickly: it was not busy. Far from it. I encounter more people walking to my corner bodega in Brooklyn.

Yes, the lack of humans was amazing.

I also found myself very interested in photographing things other than myself which isn’t always the case. From the very animated fashionista to the dude with pink hair skateboarding for his life, the city gave me so much to capture. Even if I was aiming my camera at a human subject, I was always somewhat relaxed. Here in New York City, there is a certain apprehension with each shutter click.

On my birthday, Brandon and I took a day trip to Sonoma and Napa for a vineyard tour. I repeat: I went on a wine tasting tour. I’m an adult. Having lunch on the water in Sausalito also reiterated the fact that I’m a grown ass man now. Another reason? I chose to call it a night rather than get wasted just so I could wake up early to witness a San Francisco sunrise (this was done from my hotel bed but it still felt very mature).

There were a few moments where I wondered if I could ever see myself relocating to this magical northern California city with a population of 860,000. Maybe there was a novelty to the city because it was my first visit. On the flip side, maybe it was simply 3.5 days of encountering various signs that said “Don’t be an idiot. Move here now.”

I’m not sure on which side of the fence I’m on but I do know that if a move were to seriously be put on the table, it would need to be for some very strong reasons. Apartment rentals in San Francisco are just as high, if not higher, than in New York City. An average household income hovers around $100,000 and while that might seem like a lot to some, it actually doesn’t go very far when dealing with skyrocketing rents. The cost of living isn’t the only factor that would keep me from moving but it would definitely be of substantial weight during the deliberation process.

Either way, that decision is not to be made today so in the meantime, I’ll say this: San Francisco, you quietly stole my heart. I don’t know when I’ll be back on the West Coast but I can tell you this: I’d like for it to be soon.

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