Build Your Playlist | The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Edition

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was recently filmed here in New York City and will air December 4 on CBS! It is the sexiest televised event in existence so you can imagine my excitement at creating this very special Build Your Playlist post. It’s got nothing but tracks that I would love to hear booming from the speakers as Karlie Kloss, Liu Wen and Grace Mahary (she hasn’t walked yet but just you wait) kick up glitter in five inch stilettos while winking, pouting and stomping down the runway.

Why is music so important when the girls will be strutting in itsy bitsy underwear pieces and scores of jewels and diamonds? It sets a tone! The VS Fashion Show is energetic, upbeat and is always determined to keep you grooving no matter if you are in a front row seat or in the privacy of your home. These next seven songs do a pretty good job at providing an electrifying vibe that makes you itch with giddiness.

Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

While this list is not a ranking by any means, “Safe and Sound” is the perfect slice of Electric Indie Pop a fun fashion show would require. The horns! Oh, the horns! The first time you hear that brass, you can’t help but envision Joan Smalls at the end of the runway giving a strong pose as the camera pans by her. With that being said, I repeat: perfect.

Rizzle Kicks – Down With the Trumpets

Again, with the trumpets! Sweet baby Jesus in a manger. Yes, this track has trumpets but the main thing to call out is that it includes one of the sexiest sounds ever in life: the British accent. It’s full on which is exactly why “Down With the Trumpets” would be perfectly suited as a mashup with the above song from Capital Cities.

Emeli Sande – Heaven/Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got The Love

Speaking of the perfect mashup! “Heaven” and “You’ve Got the Love” are both pretty epic in their own right and to mush them together would make speakers explode. It would make all conflict in the world evaporate just like a vampire after Buffy drives a stake through its heart. It would also be my top choice of songs to mashup for the final segment when all of the girls are taking their final lap and waving goodbye to the audience.

Caotico  – Brains Out (ft. Tove Styrke)

“You don’t know how to love if you don’t know how to fight,” sings the lead singer of Caotico right before diving into the chorus of this cheerful song about mind-blowing sex. Sure, this tune would have to be edited to something along the lines of “love my brains out” but you have to admit this would be absolutely perfect for the PINK section!

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals – Never Go Back

Do you ever hear those songs that are just made for strutting? Not walking but strutting? This is exactly what one of those songs would sound like. It’s light, it’s airy and it’s good for those strong slow-motion-end-of-the-runway-hair-blowing-in-the-wind type of poses. On a random note, the lead singer looks like a Heidi Klum knock-off so there’s always that!

Icona Pop – I Love It (ft. Charli XCX)

This tune has one hell of a catchy hook and would be perfect to use in the commercials to promote the television event. It’s got the appropriate energy, has an element of the all-important girl power, it’s completely alterna-sexy and it features Charli XCX which is reason enough to feature it in some capacity.

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