New York City Fun Before a European Vacation!

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As I neared the end of my 20s, I started to think a bit more about my life. Heavy as it got at times, I knew that I wanted to spend my 30th birthday in Paris, the City of Light. During the planning process, I found a fantastic travel package that would allow me to visit London as well! For so many years, these two cities have been the only international destinations I have strongly desired to visit. And if I were to spend what society considers a pivotal moment in an adult’s life in Europe, I thought it would be incredible to take my mother who has been such a support of mine.

So, before jetting off to London and Paris, I flew my mother to New York City! In one day alone, I was photo bombed by more people than I care to count but what can I say? You get no privacy in this concrete jungle!

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