i repeat: don't touch my hair

Solange said it best. Now it's my turn.

why i decided to move back to new york city

There’s no place like home. Home is where the heart is. The ache for home lives in all of us.

If they say home is where the heart is, why the hell was I in Chicago? My heart was in New York City. And so I moved back less than a year after leaving.

I’m not quite sure what comes next…but that’s okay. I’m good knowing I’ll figure it out in one of the most frustratingly magnificent cities in the world.

Game on, New York.

i returned to youtube!

Here’s the thing: I love video. This affinity goes beyond just consumption as well. I love making video, too. That’s why I’ve resurrected my YouTube channel. Oh, what a happy day!

Music is life, right? Right. That is why I curate a fresh playlist every quarter tracking the music I cannot stop listening to. From new releases to ‘older’ grooves that resurface, click the image above and follow along while I uncover (and re-discover) some of the best music available now.

journal entries

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