i repeat: don't touch my hair

Solange said it best. Now it's my turn.

photographing my "last" spring in nyc

Before moving away from New York City in the Spring of 2018, I swung by one of my favorite neighborhoods to photograph a few spots that are quintessential spots that bring me joy…and frustration.

I wanted to capture as much as I could but found myself getting a bit lost in my surroundings. While every moment experienced can never be duplicated, I’m looking forward to being back in New York to photograph whatever crosses my path in the moment.

i returned to youtube!

Here’s the thing: I love video. This affinity goes beyond just consumption as well. I love making video, too. That’s why I’ve resurrected my YouTube channel. Oh, what a happy day!

Music is life, right? Right. That is why I curate a fresh playlist every quarter tracking the music I cannot stop listening to. From new releases to ‘older’ grooves that resurface, click the image above and follow along while I uncover (and re-discover) some of the best music available now.

journal entries

Big News: I’m Writing A Book!

No, it's not erotica. 🙄 Here's the truth: we care about what people think of us. We care if they like us and we care when they don't. Rare is the person that is completely unfettered and unbothered by the opinions of others. This is not to say that negative remarks...

7 Reasons Why I’m Sad to Leave New York City

TBH: my friends aren't the #1 reason 👀When I first moved to New York City, I had no idea how long I would last. A couple of months? A year? I was impressed when I realized I had survived 5 years. With my 8th year anniversary just around the corner, I'm no longer...

Listen to Some of 2018’s Best Songs (So Far)

Cardi B! Miguel! Sofi Tukker! Gallant! Thirty Seconds to Mars? No, this is not the lineup for some super messy music festival. These are just some of the many artists and musical acts (there is a difference between the two) that are setting my Sounds of 2018 - Part...

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