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Paris, I Love You!

Last week, I shared the “Buckingham Palace FAIL!” video which is a snapshot of my recent trip to London and now I’m following … Keep Reading

H&M Gets Its Safe-Sexy On

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I am HIV negative and that is a positive thing. Even if you slip up or just have never been tested before, do not let fear or embarrassment keep you from taking the most important test a sexually active individual can take. As the Designers Against AIDS site says: Get the test & put your mind to rest!…

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She Punched Me in the Arm

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Let me preface this post by saying I’m going to start this new bit for the blog titled “Fictitious Fashion” where I create a fictitious story to accompany an image. I think it’s fun and really helps keep the creative juices flowing. This just so happens to be a look I styled on H&M‘s website and his…

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