Boat Shoes Takeover New York City

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Here’s the thing: I’m a little bit of a conflicted homebody. If you were up to me, I would probably spend my downtime in my apartment with a candle burning, some Netflix streaming and some food Seamless-ing. Now that the days are a bit warmer, I am feeling a bit more compelled to get back out on the streets and re-discover New York City. One way to definitely get me out of my apartment with central air conditioning and on the hot concrete streets of NYC? Challenging me to do so.

Rockport did just that by sending me a pair of boat shoes from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and seeing what type of adventure I could go on with them. I decided to make a weekend out of it and hit up a few different areas in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

boat shoes

My challenge started out with me waiting (I love waiting…) for a friend to meet me in Chelsea so we could venture down into Brooklyn for a backyard BBQ hosted at my apartment by the one roommate I actually adore. To pass the time, I popped into a small park and cracked open Andrew Smith’s The Alex Crow but thought it just as perfect a time as any to snap a shot of my boat shoes. Once my friend showed up, we quickly popped into one of the seven hundred Starbucks for him to grab a tea before making our way down to Bed-Stuy.

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