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The SEO Struggle Is Real

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seo struggle

The first iteration of my blog was called The Calvin Show and, to my surprise, it got a decent amount of traffic almost from the very beginning. I’ll always be thankful to Calvin Klein for most of those visitors because my blog began showing up in search engine results when people would search for the…

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Hello, Thursday’s Journal!

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calvin walker

“Life is a journey that demands the very best from each of us on any given day.” – Oprah Okay…that’s not a real Oprah quote but damn, doesn’t it sound like something Mother Hen would say? Even if it isn’t, it’s something that as of lately I have been saying quite often to myself. Life is…

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That Fashion Dude is Now a Details Magazine Style Network Contributor!

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Exciting news, Dudes! That Fashion Dude is now officially a contributor for the Details Style Network. The network, which is comprised of individuals that Details Magazine editors have “identified as best of breed in fashion, grooming, tech, travel, design, food, and drink.” How about that? I’ve been approached before to submit original content for sites but this is…

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Help Make TheCalvinShow.com Better!

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There will come a day that TheCalvinShow.com is making a ton of money, doing collaborations with awesome brands and all sorts of “Shut you mouth” worthy things. Until then, I’ll continue building my content and working on making TCS a better destination for you all. That being said, I want your help in helping me do so!…

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