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I’m Here Waiting For You

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The sun was high, the sky was unobstructed by clouds and my head was throbbing like a college student’s after a night of “mastering the keg stand.” Still, I couldn’t help but get up from the couch and cautiously place one foot in front of the other until I was in the kitchen. No, I…

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Is Beyoncé Worse Than Kanye West?

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Image Courtesy of FistInTheAir.com Beyoncé stormed the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards last night and snatched 94.7% of the world’s collective wigs. How so? Her sensational, reformatted performance of Lemonade, her most recent album which solidifies her as an unapologetic queen. Marie Antoinette is on the other side nodding in fierce approval. Bey ? started…

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Is Rihanna Trying To Pull a Beyonce?

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I’M FOURFIVESECONDS FROM BEING OVER IT At 27-years-old, Rihanna has secured 21 Top 10 singles, released seven studio albums, completed six tours and a starred in a spattering of bid-budget Hollywood movies. With over 150 million records sold worldwide and a heavy cultural influence, it is safe to say that she’s dancing on a stage…

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