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  • drinking alone

    I’m Here Waiting For You

    The sun was high, the sky was unobstructed by clouds and my head was throbbing like a college student’s after a night of “mastering the keg stand.” Still, I couldn’t help…

  • beyonce

    Is Beyoncé Worse Than Kanye West?

    Image Courtesy of Beyoncé stormed the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards last night and snatched 94.7% of the world’s collective wigs. How so? Her sensational, reformatted performance of Lemonade, her…

  • Music Video

    Is Rihanna Trying To Pull a Beyonce?

    I’M FOURFIVESECONDS FROM BEING OVER IT At 27-years-old, Rihanna has secured 21 Top 10 singles, released seven studio albums, completed six tours and a starred in a spattering of bid-budget Hollywood…