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  • singer john legend

    The Final Playlist of 2016

    Do you remember that really odd period in Jennifer Lopez’s career when she was no longer J. Lo nor the Jennifer Lopez of today? Remember when she was almost considered a…

  • best music 2016

    Sounds of 2016 – Part 3

    HERE IS THE BEST MUSIC OF 2016 – PART 3 Summer is here and no one is more happy about that than me! Why? Because summers are meant for backyard grilling sessions,…

  • rihanna new music

    Sounds of 2016 – Part 2

    HERE IS THE BEST MUSIC OF 2016 – PART 2 Fifth Harmony decided to “Work From Home,” Nick Jonas continued to bring the “Chainsaw” down on his ex and Rihanna continued this demolition trend with…

  • fashion show music

    The 2015 #VSFashionShow Playlist Is Here!

    I have absolutely no shame in saying how much I enjoy the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Zero percent shame. None. I’m more embarrassed at the fact that my idea of healthy…