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  • singer john legend

    The Final Playlist of 2016

    Do you remember that really odd period in Jennifer Lopez’s career when she was no longer J. Lo nor the Jennifer Lopez of today? Remember when she was almost considered a…

  • britney spears relevant

    Is Britney Spears Still Relevant?

    Or Is the Holy Spear-it So Yesterday? Let’s get one thing straight: Britney Spears is a Pop icon. From the moment she emerged, she has been able to expertly hold the world’s…

  • beyonce

    Is Beyoncé Worse Than Kanye West?

    Image Courtesy of Beyoncé stormed the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards last night and snatched 94.7% of the world’s collective wigs. How so? Her sensational, reformatted performance of Lemonade, her…

  • rihanna new music

    Sounds of 2016 – Part 2

    HERE IS THE BEST MUSIC OF 2016 – PART 2 Fifth Harmony decided to “Work From Home,” Nick Jonas continued to bring the “Chainsaw” down on his ex and Rihanna continued this demolition trend with…

  • singer ciara
    Music Video

    Ciara Just Released Her Best Single in YEARS

    LORD, LET THIS WOMAN THRIVE! Ciara Princess Harris is easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet. “Stunning” and “muse-worthy” come to mind when you look at her damn-near flawless face…