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Why Do People Hate Fashion On TV?

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Fashion Is Dropping the Primetime Ball The fashion industry on television is essentially what “fetch” was to Regina George: something that just wasn’t going to happen. However, while “fetch” took off and became insanely popular, fashionistas have not fared as well. For fashion to be full of egotistical bastards who wake up believing their shit don’t stink, why haven’t they…

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ASOS Is Giving Brazilian World Cup Realness

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ASOS Has World Cup Gear The 2014 FIFA World Cup is well underway in Brazil and a shit ton of people are watching but I’m not one of them. I don’t really care for soccer…er…football…wait, er…futbol despite the fact that the players are painfully pretty. While Cristiano Ronaldo might have everyone from groupie females to men…

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