TFD Interviews Wendy Williams! Yup. Kim Kardashian Gets Mentioned.

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Yesterday morning, I had the immense pleasure of attending a taping of The Wendy Williams Show as a VIP guest! Yes, That Fashion Dude readers, yours truly finally got some VIP treatment up in here. At the entrance, I was greeted by a security guard saying “Sorry, you won’t be able to attend today’s taping.”
Oh, yeah? I said “I’m a member of the press. I’m Calvin.” He goes inside for a moment, comes out and BAM! I’m allowed in. That’s the first time that’s ever happened!
Once inside, I had an absolute ball despite the constant screaming and slapping my sensitive hands together for applause. In addition to singer/actor Tyrese, Wendy had actress Taraji P. Henson (Baby Boy, Person of Interest) on who gave good couch talk. If you didn’t catch the show, here’s a quick update: she’s not dating, she’s got a 17 year-old son who will punch his friends in the throat if they say how hot his mom is and she’s finally found a weave that actually matches the strands that grow from her head.
Get it, girl! Watch a bit of that interview now but make sure you stay tuned afterwards for the best bit of this entire post!
Now, let’s get to the good stuff. As the show ended and people were being ushered out, I was being ushered upstairs and into Wendy’s office! I sat across the desk from her as she plopped all sorts of chewing gum down and immediately said how she should hide it from her son. She talked for a minute before introducing me and from there, I went into a brief series of questions. Oh, why don’t I just let you watch it for yourself?
What an experience! During our chat, my brain stopped and I zoned out with this thought: I’m talking with/interviewing Wendy frickin’ Williams. ME. It was such a surreal moment. I wasn’t star struck because my job allows me to mingle with fashion’s elite on a daily basis but this was different. It was Wendy! Before moving here, I watched her show every day so to be sitting in the same room as her and asking her questions was such a treat.
One thing that got cut from the video above was our brief chat about the Kim Kardashian wedding debacle. I don’t talk celebrity gossip on here much but this whole fiasco is unavoidable! I asked what Wendy’s thoughts were on if this would tarnish Vera Wang’s reputation at all. If you’re completely out of the loop, Vera designed three dresses for Kim’s nuptials and even designed a K-Dash inspired bridal collection for David’s Bridal that is to launch in February 2012. Wendy said she didn’t think Vera should go through with the collaboration and I agree. Who wants to buy a dress promoted by a celebrity who gets divorced after two months? Not I!
Gossip aside, I had a blast and Wendy was such a pleasure. I dashed out so as not to take too much of her time but let me tell you this: I could have stayed for hours. Not to worry, though. I’ll get another sit down with Ms. Wendy. How do I know? Because I say so. Duh.
Okay, that was mad corny but it actually just made me laugh…so it stays.

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