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September is upon us which means you already have your fingers on the all-important September issues of the industry’s most important publications. As Candy Pratts Price says in one of my favorite documentaries, The September Issue (no shame in revealing this, either), “September is the January of fashion.” That statement signifies change and so it shall be with this semi-regular monthly column once known as The Crave List. Moving forward, it will now be called The Monthly Essentials. Doesn’t that just feel a bit more regal, legit and appropriate?

Now, as we dive into the month of September, we also find ourselves in yet another Fashion Week month. When it comes to men’s fashion, I love it all but I must admit there is a special excitement in the air here in New York City during the presentation of the Spring/Summer collections. Even still, we must remember that soon the weather will take a dip and only continue falling until we beg the weather gods for summer…and then bitch and moan during the actual summer months as we sweat while waiting for the subway trains that will transport us to drunk brunch.

On a sober note, the inaugural The Monthly Essentials is giving you six exceptionally exceptional pieces, you guessed it, essential for your Fall/Winter 2013 wardrobe. All pieces are just under $300 and while that can still be slap to my ball sack, there comes a point, dudes, when we have to start putting money towards what goes on our back. I’m not condoning starving yourself for fashion but be truthful to yourself when you tell yourself you need to get in another drunk brunch this month.

Let’s kick things off, good gentlemen! Happy shopping and if you have any essentials you think should have gone on this month’s list, feel free to angrily tweet me (@ThatFashionDude) and I’ll most likely respond with some type of Marilyn Monroe quote that will make me seem ridiculous but profound all in the same breath. You ready for some September fashion? Read on. 

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The camel coat is nothing new but still highly effective when it comes to making a style statement. Zara slaps some “fur” on the collar of this coat ($299) but don’t turn your nose up just yet. There’s 99% of me that believes this is faux-fur and it’s the exact same shade as the rest of the coat.

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If you have a budget like me, do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of trouble by cartwheeling over to H&M and pick up a fine knit sweater ($19.95). There are seven colors to choose from so take your pick, wild boy. Or just buy the whole lot if you’re feeling extra spicy.

H&M Fall 2013 Collection - Sweaters - Knits - That Fashion Dude


You can travel the world and back again but it all means nothing if you don’t have well fitting gray trouser in your arsenal. It goes with black and brown shoes so basically a gray trouser is an absolute must. This pair of smart pants from ASOS ($30.38) gets your right for a painfully pleasing price.

ASOS menswear - Fall Collection - That Fashion Dude


Over the last couple of months, I have begun to get a major boner for timepieces. Amazon, a shopping destinatioin that really is turning up its fashion offerings, has the Stuhrling watch ($118.99) with a brown leather strap and simple dial to help you keep the time.

Watches - elite - - That Fashion Month


I will be the first dude to admit that I have fallen deep into the habit of thinking the brown shoe is thee shoe to put on with just about anything. Apparently, the black shoe is done with being neglected and is poised to reclaim its title as “chic shoe” and you can get in the action with this canvas Call It Spring ($60) option in midnight black.

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How can I describe Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme ($62)? Let me try with this: the last time I was about to get it on and my clothes came off, my lover pulled me close and said “Goddamn…you smell good.” Enough said. 



Robby Hunter Band, a Miami-based band hell bent on providing the sexiest Soul/Funk/Alternative music ever, has an album, Magic City Hippies, that you NEED to listen to. It’s rare that you hear a guy telling a girl “You don’t give a fuck. You just want to bu-uh-ust! What about love? What about trust?” and it’s rare that they pull it off so effortlessly. You’ll be rocking to this all season long. Enjoy. 

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