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#LoveWins in New Tove Lo Music Video

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“We’re not forever. You’re not the one. You and I could be the best thing ever…” Tove Lo sings in her new single, “Timebomb.” She describes the song as a “bittersweet story of losing that explosive passion you start out with, and how it’s painful and beautiful all at once.”

Yes, I am fully aware that this concept is banal but I dare you to run through your list of relationships and report back about how you’ve not stumbled upon one that resembles the above lyrics. Have you never been emotionally entangled with someone who completely infuriates you but turns around and makes your heart skip a beat when they smile only to push you over the edge and declare that this breakup is the last?

If you haven’t, Lorraine Ellison said it best: you don’t know nothing about love and I feel sorry for you. Sometimes the cliches are also the truth.

“Timebomb” is produced by Klas Åhlund which means it automatically gets my hard stamp of approval. Don’t forget: Åhlund has produced some exceptional Pop songs over the last decade. Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” (plus SO much more of her best work), Kylie Minogue’s “Speakerphone,” Ke$ha’s “Blow” and Mika’s “Overrated” were all produced by the founding member of Teddybears.

All of that is to say the music video, directed by Emil Nava, is most definitely worth a watch or two. Dressed in a black one piece and a light smokey eye, Tove is the perfect combination of model Eniko Mihalik and Icona Pop’s Caroline Hjelt. Translation: she is serving you sex. There even comes a point where she ditches her clothes altogether but instead of being exciting, it’s more like “Eh, you’re a cute 20something trying to sell records so getting your tits out is to be expected, innit?”

If Tove Lo’s cleverly covered breasts aren’t enough to get you to watch, maybe the super cute gay-for-pay couple will help persuade you. I was going to watch anyway but their glasses and facial hair were so adorbz that I even made a GIF.

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