Buckingham Palace FAIL!

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Back in May, I turned the big 3-0 and I decided long before that I would end one chapter and begin the next on the magical streets of Paris. As it turned out, it was actually a few dollars cheaper to make a stop in London first so me and my mother spent a couple of days there first.

I had an amazing time in London and cannot wait to go back. Ever since I was a younger person, I dreamt of going to the UK. Why wouldn’t I? It was where the Spice Girls came from! It was where S Club 7 came from! Before long, I came to know the United Kingdom as the land of Pop music royalty: Steps, Girls Aloud (still one of the most brilliant Pop acts…ever), Blue, Atomic Kitten, Hear’say, Westlife and All Saints. Trust me. This list could go on for quite awhile.

After a brief layover in Iceland, we landed at Heathrow Airport and our British adventure began. Off to the hotel we go! Honestly, day one was an absolute blur but I do remember going to Tate Modern, an art gallery. Over the next couple of days, we walked across London to discover some of the best it had to offer. I totally forgot to film anything on Day 1 because I was just too damn excited and the battery on my vlogging camera died on our final day but I still got a pretty wicked trumpet solo at Buckingham Palace.

 If you haven’t watched yet, that is not a compliment for the player.

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