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August 20, 2012

I first met Amaris Jones not too long after moving to New York City. She had just moved to the city herself and was living with her cousin and friend of mine, Tiffany France. It was through my friendship with Tiff that I got to meet Amaris and the moment we did, I knew Am was different. As the designer of fashion label, Halo, and CEO of Halo Fashions, Amaris is an inspiration. At a fashion presentation she put together a few months back, I discovered that she put together a solid collection that would put Project Runway​ contestants to shame.

Amaris has been designing since 2009, is infatuated with Olivier Rousteing's interpretation of Balmain, loves Alexander Wang and would wear every piece both designers sends down the runway. Inspiring as they may be, Amaris is able to look outside of just the fashion world to find beauty. "There are so many arts. It’s not just fashion. It’s music, it’s life, it’s the trees, it’s the people in the street. To me, all this is one big circle and it’s all revolving. It’s all art and it all inspires me," Amaris told me.

Even though I loathe her choice for Song of Summer 2012, there is nothing but love for Amaris. Miss Jones if ya nasty! Read on to discover her favorite warm weather destinations and what she'd cook for a BBQ. I was thoroughly surprised!

THAT FASHION DUDE: Where is your favorite summer destination spot?

AMARIS JONES: I saw a picture of South Africa. There was a villa right off the  beach and it was beautiful. And Kenya! There was a place in Kenya right off of the  beach. Anywhere that’s off of the beach is a destination place for me.

TFD: You’re on a road trip and you put your iPod. Who do you put on?

AJ: I’ll always go back to this memory of me driving back to Ohio  from Virgin, which is a 9-hour trip, and I was listening to The Misseducation of Lauryn Hill. I could just listen to that whole album. It’s hard with music because I’m all over the place. I love this new band, Jesus Culture. They have these uplifting songs. In the summer time, I just love upbeat songs that I can dance to.

TFD: What is your go-to piece for summer?

AJ: My go-to pieces are long dresses. I love flowy dresses. Or shorts and a t-shirt. I love graphic tees.  

TFD: ​What is the song of summer 2012 for you?

AJ: ​Okay, don’t judge. This song is really stupid but me and Tiffany listened to it the whole way to Ocean City. “Call Me Maybe.” It’s hilarious. Who would say that to somebody?

TFD: What would you cook at a BBQ?

AJ: Ribs! There’s no BBQ without ribs and I love a big slab of juicy ribs.

TFD: ​What's your least favorite thing about summer?

AJ: ​The heat. I sweat like crazy so it’s like, once I step outside and my hair gets puffy? I’m like oh, my god. I hate the heat.

TFD: Favorite summer food?

AJ: Guac and chips.

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