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July 18, 2012

Chaniel Andran gives good face, has long limbs and hails from Jamaica. Guess what that means? It means he's a model. One of those people that stands in front of a camera and pouts while the camera goes click, click, click, flash! Well, he's also someone who likes to destroy cameras, too. More on that later.

Before we dive into my interview with Mr. Andran, let me give you more background info on him. As I mentioned above, he is from Jamaica and relocated to the States when he was 9 years old. He actually visits every year and his younger brother is spending the summer there. "He's so lucky," Andran told me. 

Sure, he's a model but Chaniel and I also talked about his first love: acting! It's actually how he got into the modeling scene. A casting director suggested he give it a try and while he enjoys modeling, he also hints at a more serious side. "It's a fun exciting industry that has its moments. I'll leave it at that. That would be a whole other interview." 

Yup, that's my in for Interview #2! But for now, keep reading to discover some of Chaniel Andran's favorite things about summer. 

THAT FASHION DUDE: What are some of your summer plans this year?

CHANIEL ANDRAN: Definitely escaping NYC a couple of times. Hopefully going to Jamaica which is always a fun, crazy time with my family. I can’t wait for that! Here in NYC, I plan on hanging with friends, enjoying the weather and nightlife. Excited for the Olympics this summer as well. You know how Jamaicans are with Track & Field.  I wanted to go to London during the games but I doubt it. Might be too crazy.
TFD: Where is your favorite summer destination?
CA: Is it fair for me to say Jamaica?  I’ll say anywhere in the Caribbean. If there’s sand and a beach, I’m there!
TFD: What is your go-to piece of clothing when the weather gets warm?
CA: Definitely a lot shorts with boat shoes or Polo sneaks without laces that I can just slip on.
TFD: What is the wildest memory you care to share that took place during the summer?
CA: Not sure if this is considered wild but I went to Six Flags the day after my birthday party a couple of years ago and my camera flew out of my pocket on the Superman ride with all my photos on it! I didn't realize until about two hours after it happened. Couple days later, they found the camera with the memory card still intact so they mailed the memory card to me.
TFD: If you had to choose an artist or song that exemplifies the summer season, who/which would it be? 
CA: Definitely anything Rihanna releases during the summer. [It’ll] always be a hit.
TFD: Quick! What will be the most popular song for Summer of 2012? 
CA: Definitely that Gotye song. You know… “You didn’t have to cut me off, now your just somebody that I use to know.” It’s such a random track, I can never get tired of hearing it.
TFD: Which do you prefer: making model faces at the pool or at the beach?  
CA: Definitely the beach! I need to be surrounded by sand and coconut trees. Plus, I can’t snorkel or jet ski in a pool. Trust me, I tried.
Okay, who else wants to know about trying to jet ski in a pool? If so, tweet Chaniel (@ChanielAndran) and ask away. Of course, you can always tweet me (@ThatFashionDude), too! I've never tried to snorkel and have never touched a jet ski but I have done some interesting things in a swimming pool.
They're not as nearly as bad as that sounds… Or are they?
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