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March 16, 2014

The one thing you cannot take away from Miami is its overall sex appeal. With their nightclubs overflowing with patrons that drip with lust to a list of homegrown hotties (I’m looking at you, Eva Mendes), Miami is undoubtedly a hot spot.

Even still, its music offerings have been dynamically weak despite a slew of bonafide rockstars like Enrique, Pit and Flo topping the charts. Mainstream success be damned because their music still has about as much cultural substance as an episode of Fashion Police. Luckily, a new music act has popped up and they’re fixing to bring some much needed soul to the Capital of Latin America.

With elements of Funk, Hip-Hop and overall Indie umbrella, the Robby Hunter Band puts an element of sexiness in their music that isn’t crass but still strong enough for you to know that they’re not playing around. The trio’s music calls to mind Frank Ocean and John Mayer…but only if either of those musicians had a better sense of humor.971142_542479109152880_2141117472_n

Robby was kind enough to describe his band exclusively for us in the form of song lyrics: Three monk hunks, birth Indie-Funk. Soaked in Miami Swagger, Robby is often the braggart, Johnny thinks he’s Mick Jagger, Pat is the gospel Wagner (…you don’t pronounce it like that). Our production is tip top. Dusted with Hip-­Hop. Baked in an oven of soul.

Yes, that all happened. Continue to read for more including a playlist curated by the band!

THAT FASHION DUDE: There are a few song titles in Spanish. Are any of you fluent?

ROBBY HUNTER BAND – JOHN: Robby grew up in Miami, lived in Buenos Aires for a few months, and has a Peruvian girlfriend, so his casual Spanish is pretty together but I might have the edge. I actually have a minor in Spanish and got to study in Buenos Aires. Also, I’ve kinda always dated Hispanic girls, so it just seemed natural to get into the language. And, you know, Pat’s kinda from Wisconsin.

RHB – ROBBY: John may have the edge in his “book­ learnin’,” but his accent sounds like he’s from Sarasota, which we have formally renamed “the Soote.”

TFD: Who was the inspiration behind “Bust”?

RHB – ROBBY: There are so many times when this song could have written itself. I often put myself in less than forgiving situations with the women in my life­ eighty percent of the time with a not so happy ending. However, this song truly showed her face when my brother and his girlfriend of many years parted ways. If you know the song, the situation is self­ explanatory­. I don’t need to go into the gory details but at that moment when the shit had really hit the fan, the song was written in 15 minutes. It’s amazing how in the right moment, writing the right song can be effortless.

TFD: Are you okay admitting that Magic City Hippies is a very sexy album?

RHB – ROBBY: Maybe. There are very few things sexier than being a Magic City Hippie.

TFD: Have you ever used the “Hey, girl. I’m in a band. Wanna come back to my place and…check out my guitar?” pick­up line?

RHB – JOHN: The one time I tried it, I was 14 and it totally worked. But I was 14, so no one went to anybody’s place. Haven’t really tried it since.

TFD: The tour bus in on fire. What do you grab on your way out? Better yet, would you deliberately leave anything?

RHB – PAT: Hmm. I’d probably leave my drum set in all honesty. It’s beaten to hell…but insured for full retail value. Cha­-ching!

Spoken like a true musician? Either way, here’s a pretty dope playlist that the Robby Hunter Band put together just for us. Rock out to it and I’ll see you in the next post.

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