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June 19, 2012

It’s officially summer as of tomorrow and we’ve yet to taste those brutally hot mornings and equally painful nights. But if there is one thing singer/songwriter Amalie Bruun knows how to do is turn the heat up. Case in point? Recently she shot a music video and I got to pop in on set to say hello. Before I could get two words in, Amalie decided she wanted to scrap the chosen wardrobe and sat on a stool with nothing but a tee tied oh so carefully around her chest. 

She was also a steamy addition in the Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel film directed by Martin Scorsese. Major brand cameos aside, Amalie’s been popping up more and more all over the place and with good reason. Her music, which could be described as dark Pop, is delicate and sultry. Basically, she’s a blonde vixen who knows how to werk it. #Hollaback!

Oh…was that the wrong time for a hash tag? I couldn’t help it. Let’s get back to summer and what Amalie enjoys most about it. We sat to chat about it and here’s a heads up: she’s big on Brooklyn restaurants so if you’re in that borough, you know the way to her heart. Carry on!


THAT FASHION DUDE: Where is your favorite summer destination?

AMALIE BRUUN: My home country, Denmark. It’s beautiful, not humid. I live close to the forest plus the beach and I get to see all my friends.

TFD: Do you have a go-to piece in your closet when it gets warm?

AB: When NY summer really hits with 98 percent humidity etc., all I can stand to wear is my super thin The Cast tee shirt. It feels like wearing a cloud.

TFD: What would you say is your favorite thing about summer?

AB: Backyard dinners in Brooklyn, trips to Fire Island, rose wine and that feeling of doom when the heat wave hits and everyone just kind of gives up and lets loose.

TFD: Let’s say you’re about to embark on a road trip with your best friends. What song or artist immediately springs to mind?

AB: Smashing Pumpkins “1979” is a perfect song for driving.

TFD: Who is the cheesiest artist you’ll admit to really being into? Mine? Miley Cyrus.

AB: Can’t say an artist in particular but I do enjoy Euro dance/rave music from time to time.

TFD: What’s one song that you currently cannot get enough of?

AB: I’m a Black Metal girl at heart and I’ve recently discovered this mid-90’s symphonic black metal band Kvist. [I’ve] been listening to their song “Vettenetter” a lot.

TFD: One final question! Which do you prefer in the summer: ice cream cones or barbecue?

AB: Can I say both? Ice cream cones when strolling down [the] Coney Island boardwalk; BBQ when hanging with friends in a Brooklyn backyard.

Want more? I thought you would. Click over to That Fashion Dude’s Tumblr page to see Amalie’s latest music video for “Siren” now! By the way, if you have any other questions you might want to ask Amalie, tweet her (@RealAmalieBruun) and while you’re at it, tweet me (@thatfashiondude), too!

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