How Many Male Models Does It Take to Move One Chair?

July 14, 2015
I always told myself the beauty of having so many guy friends was that it would make moving apartments really easy. It was something I didn’t really have to think about, though. I’d been in the same apartment with my friend, Jasmine, since we moved to New York City four years ago. Back then, our

Sacrilege In Her Marriage

August 18, 2013
Sometimes, when you go through certain experiences, it isn’t until much later that you realized how fucked it all was. You go through your days slowly turning against yourself but you don’t really know why. You don’t know how to stop feeling this way but each waking moment is dedicated to picking apart the mistakes
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Fictitious Fashion | Always One Foot Out the Door

November 22, 2012
My friend Jeffrey J. Rojas calls me up the other day and tells me that he’s got some invite he wants me to join him for. A preview of evening gowns designed by some Russian broad who I’m sure is able to “design” a collection thanks to taking her gown off for the right billionaire tycoon some

7 Questions With… | Max Papendieck

July 26, 2012
It was last Fall when Australian model Max Papendieck first came onto my radar. Even though he’s gone from the basketball court to flaunting abs that resemble Brad’s circa Fight Club, he is really approachable. From the moment we met, we were laughing and he even tried to teach me a bit of Australian slang. Not gonna
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It’s Mad Hot Outside

July 11, 2012
Here’s what’s going on: it’s summertime in New York City, the heat is mad crazy and shit is getting serious. I don’t really want to talk about what happened earlier today but since you asked me “How are you” and I’m feeling in a particularly sharing mood, you’re gonna sit here and listen to just
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